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'world of work and labor law' bibliography

Book Reviews:

Summary Execution: the Seattle assassinations of ILWU leaders Silme Domingo and Gene Viernes

review of Steve Early's "Save Our Unions: dispatches from a movement in distress"

Finamore Review of "With God on Our Side" by Adam Reich

Before Their Time:The World of Child Labor by David Parker

Railroading Economics: Michael Perelman's Call for "the End of Economics"

How Internet Radio Can Change the World: An Activist's Handbook by Eric Lee, Labourstart

Charles Morris' Minority Union Bargaining reviewed by David Cohen, UE Rep

Review of "Naming the System" by Michael Yates

Labor Art and Culture:

Change to Win archive

Labor Culture, from Docs Populi

May Day 2008 Port Workers Poster for ILWU West Coast Stop Work Action

LaborFest 2006 Labor On The Move poster

Fasanella's Labor Art Slide Show On The Web

Labor Arts. A comprehensive museum site of labor art.

Breakthrough at 1st Latin American Working Class Film & Video Festival

Union Songs.

Cartoons du jour By Khalil.

sports betting oddsUCS Labor Graphics Service: A monthly mailing of 30-40 labor cartoons,illustrations, spot drawings and other graphics for subscribing localunion editors. From Union Communication Services Inc.

Carol Simpson Productions Labor Cartoon Page. Weekly cartoons aimed at America's corporate establishment and its wholly owned subsidiary the U.S. Government. "Laughs guaranteed to gag your boss."

Building Bridges from WBAI radio.

Labor History:

Eclectic List of Events in U.S. Labor History compiled by Allen Lutins.

Labor Photographs:

Photos Of Chicago Teachers On Strike

Working Class Footprints in San Francisco Photos by Carl Finamore, IAM 1781

"One Way" by Steve Zeltzer

The Price of Fish, by Earl Dotter

Labor Poetry:

Christmas in the Trenches: JOYEUX NOEL (MERRY CHRISTMAS)

Twas the Night Before Christmas: A Poem For Woodfin Workers by Sarah Norr - Hotel organizer

One Sick Child, spouse parent Away From Being Fired by David G. Hurlburt, CWA 9410

"...that devil's madness--War."

Life At The Pulpmill and 3 others by labor poets

New Orleans by David Rovics - AFM

poem I am too poor to go to war. by david inkey, 12/15/03

Poets Against the War

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Labor, Employment and Government Statistics and Resources

Labor News Publications

  • Left Business Observer. "Accumulation and its Discontents." Left Business Observer is an 8-page more-or-less monthly newsletter on economics and politics in the U.S. and the world at large. Founded in 1986, edited by Doug Henwood, a contributing editor of The Nation with a weekly program on WBAI radio (New York).

  • Labor Activist Newsletter of the Democratic Socialists of America - Labor Solidarity Committee/Youth Section. The Democratic Socialists of America - Youth Section is dedicated to fostering an interest in the labor movement among young people. The aim of the Labor Solidarity Committee and the Labor Activist is to provide interesting and relevant information to organizers, rank-and-file activists, students, and educators.

  • Migration News summarizes the most important immigration and integration developments during the preceding month. Topics are grouped by region: North America, Europe, Asia, and Other.

Labor - Relevant Legislation and Legal Information

Mainstream But Useful News Sources

International Labor Information

Other Excellent Labor Resource Sites

General Reference

  • sports betting odds A handy reference shelf with dictionary, thesaurus, Zip Codes, U.S. Census Info and more.

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